Friends of VWE

When we come across people we have enjoyed working with, we want to let you all know. Take a look - you might like them too!

We are in no way affiliated with any of the businesses below and do not receive any benefits for recommending them - we have had positive personal experiences using their services and just think they deserve a shout out!


Micheline and the team supply the shiny new chassis plates that drop onto your doorstep and we think they look pretty splendid. They provide a variety of products, so check out their website for more information.

Motorhome Style Vinyl Graphics

Suspension Specialists

We try to remain unbiased and objective with suppliers of air suspension, however, we haven't come across anyone consistently cheaper and with such comprehensive certification, so if you're in the market for well-priced air suspension for your vehicle, these are the guys for you.  Their online shop has kits arranged by vehicle manufacturer, making it a piece of cake finding a compatible one for you. But even so, if you have any queries the Mar-Tech team are a friendly bunch who will happily address any of your questions or concerns by phone or email. They also provide installation services - details of locations are also on their website. We've had many happy customers who have installed Mar-Tech supplied suspension, so check them out for yourself.

There's nothing these guys don't know about leaf springs - they really are experts in their field. Not only do they supply and fit leaf springs but can also manufacture bespoke springs if you have a weird and wonderful vehicle. MLS helped us out of trouble with our first van and we can't recommend them highly enough.

One of our valued customers runs this small, family run business. In addition to fitting suspension upgrades from their base in North Essex but with the option of coming to you,  they also provide caravan servicing, habitation checks and repairs. More information can be found at the link above. 

Our Favourite Charities

In their own words "Our goal is to bring VR therapies to those who would benefit most but are least likely to access it. We are the first social enterprise that provides VR therapies for kids with special needs and adults with disabilities. Medical VR is already available in hospitals and has shown amazing results. From supporting children through chemotherapy or physiotherapy to improving social and behavioural difficulties in autism – as well as reducing levels of pain, stress, depression and anxiety! "