FAQ - Supporting Information


If you need help finding a local weighbridge, we have compiled a list which can be found here.


1 - Do I need to weigh my vehicle before I can apply to change its weight?

2 - The weighbridge didn't provide me with a ticket - do I need one?

3 - How do I weigh the axles separately? 


1 - We would always suggest getting your vehicle on a weighbridge. This will help to inform your decision regarding any weight changes you wish to make and load your vehicle appropriately within its permitted limits. It is not mandatory to provide a weighbridge ticket for up-rates, however they will be required for down-rates to evidence that sufficient payload will be maintained once the weight is reduced.

2 - If the weighbridge you used did not provide a weight ticket, please provide details of the date and time the vehicle was weighed along with the full address and operator's name. If you are able to take photos of the weighbridge display, please also provide these.

3 - If the weighbridge doesn't have the ability to weigh the axles independently, it can still be done to a degree of accuracy. First drive onto the weighbridge so that just your front wheels are on the scale and take a reading - this is your front axle weight. Continue to drive forward so that all wheels are on the scale - this is your total vehicle weight. Finally, drive forward until only your rear wheels are on the scale and take a third reading - this is your rear axle weight. The combined front and rear axle weights is likely to have a small discrepancy of approximately 20-30kg to that of your total vehicle weight, this is normal.

Weight Plates


Why are there multiple weight plates on my vehicle?


The multiple plates are a result of a multi-stage assembly vehicle. It can be a bit confusing, but we'll try to make it clearer.

- The vehicle was originally built by a van manufacturer (such as Fiat, Ford, Mercedes, etc.) and they apply their plate.

- This vehicle may then fitted with an AL-KO motorhome specific chassis, and they applied their plate. This supersedes the van manufacturer one, but as this one also contains other important information & reference numbers, it's kept in place.

- It's the same sketch for the third plate; this one is fitted by the motorhome manufacturer after they complete the habitation structure & register the vehicle, and it supersedes the previous two plates.

- You may also have additional plate(s) from ourselves or other companies who provide a van weight change service.

If in doubt, take a nice clear photo of each of your weight plates and include them in an email with your completed enquiry form and we will help you make sense of them.