FAQ - Post Submission

Chassis Plate


When can I attach my new chassis plate? Where should I attach it? Should I remove or cover the old plates?


Our replacement chassis plates are sent directly to you from our supplier. Once you have received your updated logbook you can affix this to your vehicle. The plate is designed with a self-adhesive backing so there is no need to drill any holes in your vehicle, simply peel and stick somewhere clean, dry and smooth on the cab or chassis. We recommend the door pillar, so it's accessible without needing to open the bonnet. There is no need to remove or cover any of the old plates as the logbook corroborates which one is in force, and the superseded ones often contain additional useful data.

Logbook Errors


I've received my updated logbook but it doesn't look right, what should I do? 


Occasionally the DVLA makes mistakes - if you are not sure, please email us for clarification and we will advise you accordingly.