Being Caught Overweight


This sprinter was caught almost double it's legal weight limit.

The frustrating thing about this is that the sprinter is a great platform to up-rate; I've signed off 5,500kg weight increases with only modest modification to the suspension and brakes, as the chassis is so good to begin with.

So this is more a case of the driver not having the required C1 licence entitlement.

This fella is going to court, and if the Judge so decides, he could lose the licence he does have for a string of offences; dangerous driving, driving without insurance (as his licence didn't cover that weight), not to mention the overloading.

The reason it's extra frustrating is that getting your C1 licence passed is a doddle.

Yes you've got a couple of hoops to jump through first, with your medical and theory test, but it's a piece of cake and can be done for less than £400 if you've got a little bit of van driving experience already.

I've helped a bunch of people through the bureaucratic jungle of C1 attainment, so if you need me to do a short article on it just let me know.

Right, I'm off as I've now got a hankering for cake (it's not just vans that are getting overweight).