FAQ - Upgrade Advice

Want to up-rate the weight of your vehicle but don't know which upgrades you should get? We often get asked for recommendations - here we provide some general advice for you to consider when deciding.

Suspension - leaf springs or air suspension?

Both air suspension and leaf springs have their own advantages and disadvantages, and which one is better depends on the specific application and the individual's preferences.

Air suspension

Air suspension uses compressed air to provide a smooth ride and adjust the height of the vehicle. It can also help distribute weight more evenly and can be adjusted to suit different loads. It offers a greater degree of adjustment, allowing the driver to adjust the height of the vehicle to suit different road conditions and loads. Air suspension is more complex and requires more maintenance than leaf springs, and is more expensive to repair in case of failure.

Leaf Springs

Leaf springs are a simple and durable suspension system that has been used for many years in trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. Leaf springs are less expensive and easier to maintain than air suspension systems. Leaf springs can be more harsh and uncomfortable on rough roads compared to air suspension. In summary, air suspension offers a smoother ride and greater adjustment, but is more complex and expensive. Leaf springs are simpler and more durable, but provide a less comfortable ride. It ultimately depends on the specific needs and preferences of the individual.