Why is Van Weight Important?


Why is van weight important?

According to the DVSA:-

  • Eight in 10 vehicles are stopped because they are overloaded

  • 54% of vans are found with serious mechanical defects

  • If overweight you will be fined, and in the vast majority of cases, they will prevent you from driving any further until you are back under weight (easy for a van carrying stock, more difficult for vanlifers who would have to remove cupboards etc)


5%-10% £100

10%-15% £200

15-30% £300

More than 30% Court summons

Your van will be clamped until fee is paid, and then there is an £80 release fee.

If you think your van is overweight (94% of self built campervans I've looked at are) then I can help you. Let's sort it before the DVLA have you sort it at the road side.